Nutrients for humans

Step one before scan


We send out a blood sample test kit, we just need 2 small drops. You return it so we can test your current health and deficiencies. 

Step 2 order a scan


We email you the body scan results which shows the areas of the body that are showing signs of stress and what you need to do to improve your health.

Step 3 order nutrients


Based on our recommendations and body scan results you order the required supplements.

Count the cost of poor advice

Are you taking the correct nutrients? Many dietary supplements use filling agents and many people take standard products such as vitamin d, vitamin c and other vitamins and minerals without knowing if they actually need them. Overdosing can be harmful and an unnecessary expense, is your medicine cabinet full of unused supplements?

So what if you were actually tested properly?

We send out a kit in the post to collect a small drop of blood, when this is returned it is scanned and a full report is emailed to you. The report shows areas where organs need support and the recommended formulation of supplements you require.

So why purchase our nutrients?

We are the only distributor of the Anusan products, one of the leading German manufacturers of micronutrients and phytonutrients. Founded in 1993, the Anusan Company is now in its second generation of family ownership. From small beginnings to today, a successful and rising enterprise of the health industry developed. Anusan designs, produces, and distributes high-quality and specialised dietary supplements for therapeutic use. In the composition of our products, we place emphasis on the use of natural and near-natural ingredients. This is because food supplements are intended to activate and reactivate the body’s own system without burdening the body with extra additives.

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But why are supplements needed?

“Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”, was Hippocrates advice. This basic idea is more relevant today than ever before.

The need for micronutrient supplementation arises from the circumstances of modern lifestyles. No matter whether it is low-quality food, too little exercise or too much stress – in many cases our bodies are no longer provided (sufficiently) with what it needs to maintain vital processes, that is, micronutrients such as vitamins or minerals. Minerals in the soil are becoming depleted as pressure grows to feed an ever-growing population. In addition, pollution is causing more toxins the be in the food chain.

Studies show that even with a diet that complies with the recommendations of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), even with a balanced diet a micronutrient deficiency still exists.

The BANT recommends at least 5 meals a day with fresh fruit or vegetables. Then the need is fulfilled. However, who can do this today? Phosphate-containing foods also reduce the intake of calcium by up to 60%. Phosphates are found in meat, all cola drinks, ready-made meals, coffee, black tea and so on. Many people are also increasingly avoiding meat! However, many vitamins and nutrients are difficult to replace with plant alternatives: B vitamins, folic acid, amino acids, Q10, carnitine, protein and much more.

A micronutrient deficiency is often not realized or perceived as such by those affected. However, slight sensory disturbances such as feeling unwell or fatigue, up to the manifestation of serious diseases can be the result.

Nutrients for humans

Sango MineralCare 60 capsules


Nutrients for humans

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Nutrients for humans

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Nutrients for humans

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Nutrients for humans

InflaCare 60 capsules