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Synergistic Supplementation is a method pioneered by Anusan in Germany. It targets specific areas in the body that require support by using special blended formulations of only the very best dietary supplements. You can review the many testimonials from some of the worlds top sportsmen and women, along with their animals of course!


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Why consider synergistic nutrient supplementation?

Fact: Soil nutrients are becoming more and more depleted

Fact: Pollution is entering the soil and air which gets into our food

Fact: Most of the nutrients disappear by the time they reach the table 

Lettuce loses 63% of vitamin C after 4 days of picking

How much nutrient loss?

Vitamin C by Day 4

Spinach 56%

Chard 87%

Kale 45%

Soil nutrient deficiency and soil pollution

Soil Pollution 

Soil has a huge effect on the health and well-being of humans. 

There are 14 elements essential for plant growth that come from the soil, and many of these elements are also essential for human health, sadly because of reduce crop rotation and pollution our food had less nutrients and more pollutants.